DSA is a leading content company operating out of New York and Los Angeles. We focus on creating economic value by telling great stories and building great brands.

Our work includes two decades of award wining television, digital video, and web-based products. We have built and managed digital video properties with tens of millions of users and significant returns for investors. We've also created a program for the Showtime network, the first multi-episode series involving the New York City Fire Department for Discovery Studios, a major body of short narrative programming for MSNBC, documentaries for one of the world's great research institutions, and thousands of hours of non-fiction programming for ABC. 

We work with investors and large brands who want access to the top strategists, producers, and writers in a world where well executed content is the key to business goals.

DSA produces content natively for the platform on which it lives. On a practical basis that means we care a lot about the nuances of usage and user behavior. We use insights gained through this short form content to drive business results. Curious to learn more? Get in touch here.

We've won a ton of accolades including The Writers Guild of America Award, The Dupont, The Edward R. Murrow, & The Investigative Reporters Prize.